Stellaris MegaCorp-CODEX

Posted 06 Dec 2018 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Stellaris MegaCorp-CODEX


Keep an eye out for the Caravaneers, nomadic interstellar wheelers-and-dealers….



Keep an eye out for the Caravaneers, nomadic interstellar wheelers-and-dealers who stay aloof from galactic politics, and always have a bargain up their sleeve. Expect surprises when these master traders wander through your space or when you visit their home systems.

Title: Stellaris MegaCorp
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 6 Dec, 2018

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NOTES: This release is standalone and includes all previously released content.

Stellaris.MegaCorp.Update.v2.2.1-CODEX { Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download }

Stellaris MegaCorp-CODEX
Size: 7.7 GB





































    • OS: Windows 7 x86 or newer
    • Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 640 @ 3.0 Ghz / or Intel Core 2 Quad 9400 @ 2.66 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD HD 5770 / or Nvidia GTX 460, with 1024MB VRAM. Latest available WHQL drivers from both manufacturers.
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X 9.0c- compatible sound card

Stellaris MegaCorp-CODEX
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2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. fugart (06 Dec 2018, 17:17)

    well this was fast

  2. Benin (06 Dec 2018, 17:18)


  3. Almy (06 Dec 2018, 17:19)

    Ow, First! xD
    waiting for upload the links

  4. happy (06 Dec 2018, 17:21)

    can’t wait! thank you

  5. yololz (06 Dec 2018, 17:22)


  6. Jeff (06 Dec 2018, 17:23)

    There are no download links…

  7. DISNEYCORPFOREVER (06 Dec 2018, 17:24)


  8. SiG (06 Dec 2018, 17:26)

    does it have the base game and the previous DLC included?

  9. colruyt55000 (06 Dec 2018, 17:26)

    Stop with your stupid first .
    Can’t beleive there is so much people acting like kids like that .

    Thanks for this new version skidrowreloaded and CODEX

  10. trend32 (06 Dec 2018, 17:28)

    awesome very fast indeed

  11. bunkerman (06 Dec 2018, 17:29)

    i wish there was just the update download option since i have a shit connection but already have 2.1.4 fully functional on my computer

  12. MFW (06 Dec 2018, 17:30)

    Fuck yeah bois. Stellaris ftw.

  13. anon (06 Dec 2018, 17:30)

    Is this just the DLC, or does it include the game with the previous DLCs?

  14. Czerka.Ind. (06 Dec 2018, 17:31)

    Soon… a new czerka industries close to your home with all products the you know and love. always placing worker security and welfare as our top priority.

  15. anon (06 Dec 2018, 17:37)

    Thanks, CODEX.

  16. Minotaur21 (06 Dec 2018, 17:50)

    Seed for the love of god

  17. Hell yeah (06 Dec 2018, 17:58)

    Bus Simulator 18 please it came out on June and still no crack ?

  18. Monkeyboysteve (06 Dec 2018, 17:59)

    Looks the same size as Stellaris by itself. :/ Says iot includes everything though.

  19. Monkeyboysteve (06 Dec 2018, 18:00)

    This is amazing, thanks guys. :) Can’t wait to play.

  20. Aldi1997 (06 Dec 2018, 18:02)


  21. skj (06 Dec 2018, 18:38)

    nice work thanks

  22. Deamonslay (06 Dec 2018, 18:43)

    Thank you

  23. Champion (06 Dec 2018, 18:46)


  24. bunkerman (06 Dec 2018, 18:54)

    forgot to write in the first comment thanks for doing this so fast

  25. altroxz (06 Dec 2018, 20:02)

    Thank you skidrow!

  26. Boltux (06 Dec 2018, 20:42)

    After installing the game and making Crack from Codex. When I want to start .exe file, I got the 0xc0000142 error. Anyone know how to fix it?

  27. Gavlan Feel (06 Dec 2018, 20:45)

    Gavlan wheel? Gavlan deal.

  28. cabrero (06 Dec 2018, 21:34)

    seeeeeed for f sk!!

  29. cabrero (06 Dec 2018, 21:35)

    @Boltux dont be lazy go google

  30. Venger (06 Dec 2018, 21:49)

    I LOVE YOU. Not even joking

  31. Xeno (06 Dec 2018, 22:32)

    nice and quick thanks you

  32. Apmac (06 Dec 2018, 23:09)


  33. Bobby (06 Dec 2018, 23:22)

    It is apparently not working correctly with the crack applied.

    The game will work fine with the patch but there is no DLC. You cannot select DLC in the launcher and I checked in game and the DLC is not active.

    The DLC is downloaded and in the file directory, but the exe file or whatever is not recognising it.

  34. jonatanreed (06 Dec 2018, 23:34)

    thank you for taking the time to crack this game.

  35. Bobby (06 Dec 2018, 23:39)

    I fixed the issue.

    Make sure to allow it through windows firewall and do not install it in the x86 folder.

    It is an error with windows/stellaris not the crack.

  36. Lemme Play Dis (07 Dec 2018, 0:28)

    Everytime I try to play this.I get to the launcher and hit play, it looks like it’s gonna start then the icon just vanishes from the desktop. Any idea on fixing this?

  37. texto (07 Dec 2018, 0:48)

    Comes with all dlcs?

  38. Max (07 Dec 2018, 2:19)

    So how exactly to fix the problem with game not seeing dlcs?
    I run it with admin access and installed it in default directory, something should be done different?

  39. George (07 Dec 2018, 4:54)

    without anything you made something.
    0 Money GAME

  40. T (07 Dec 2018, 7:03)

    I got the game working no problem, but when you go to make a building on a planet you have a list of buildings that I don’t think should be available. It looks like a lot of debugging stuff.

  41. cockLover (07 Dec 2018, 8:17)

    Just thought I’d mention how much I LOVE COOCKKKK

  42. Ed (07 Dec 2018, 12:32)

    Anyone gotten mods to work?

    I own the base game and none of the DLC’s (why im torrenting, until I can afford the DLC’s), with the prior patch (2.1.4) I was able to subscribe to mods on steam using my legal copy of the game, launch the game, and then launch the torrented version with all the DLC’s to play mods that were only available through steam workshop.

    I’ve been wrestling with the 2.2 torrented version for a while to try and make mods work, reinstalling, deleting the entire My Docs/Paradox/Stellaris folder, I’ve even tried unpacking the mods individually to try and get them to work, to no avail.

    The 2.1.4 version was a FitGirl repack and IDK if CODEX does things differently or not, but nothing I do seems to be working to get mods to actually work. Seems for now I’m stuck waiting until people can get mods uploaded on SKYMODS so I can install the mods by hand instead of relying on the steam workshop.

  43. Xia (07 Dec 2018, 13:17)

    Stuck at “Starting New Game” , any fix?

  44. skidrow4life (07 Dec 2018, 15:29)

    im stuck at starting new game too, i guess its not working

  45. Ed reply (07 Dec 2018, 16:32)

    Hey Ed, have you checked to make sure all the mods you are using are updated to 2.2? If they are, there could be game mechanics that changed some of the mods and now they conflict with each other.

  46. Yvinis (07 Dec 2018, 16:39)

    Seems like the freeze on new game start was fixed in 2.2.1 update, so we just have to wait the release of the patch.

  47. MultiHunter (07 Dec 2018, 16:52)

    To make all DLC working, disable access via firewall, AND MANUALLY COPY CRACK FILES TO DIRECTORY.

  48. Gogobaur (07 Dec 2018, 18:54)

    Hi, a working crack for multiplayer? Thanks.

  49. Demarco (07 Dec 2018, 23:07)

    The game doesn’t run for me, even with the last update .. And I don’t find any launcher

    Anyone can help me ?

  50. Sanary (08 Dec 2018, 2:43)

    a solution were posted on forum , you guys should try to see if it work :
    type the console command : “Threading.TaskThreadCount 4” on the main menu before creating new game

  51. skidrow4life (08 Dec 2018, 11:07)

    Update fixed “starting new game” stuck, so ty skids, ur soo fast. THE BEST!

  52. Xeno (08 Dec 2018, 17:26)

    the torrent download is extremely slow ive been downloading for 6hrs and still only 20%

  53. WILL (08 Dec 2018, 21:37)

    When i start the app, it shows it on the task bar, looks like it gonna start, then disappears, anyone can help?

  54. anastasia17 (12 Dec 2018, 2:14)

    can someone please tell me what game is in the background picture?

  55. Dovahkiin (14 Dec 2018, 17:45)

    Thank you CODEX! This is perfect.

  56. ryan515 (14 Dec 2018, 19:58)

    Can you upload the beta test patch?

  57. George a (15 Dec 2018, 17:39)

    Beta patch plZ. Game is almost unplayble on current state even with i7

  58. Annoyed (16 Dec 2018, 4:25)

    Agree with George.. I am trying to play on the smallest map(changing settings to low doesn’t make a difference) at 1080p i can barely get 50fps on fastest turn speed ON THE SMALLEST GALAXY MAP. i-72600k at 4ghz and an msi gaming 1070…. the lag is rediculous! other than that everything else worked.

  59. N7 (16 Dec 2018, 5:25)

    awesome thanks

  60. Bryan557 (18 Dec 2018, 0:01)

    Any idea if/when you can publish the new update(checksum 555a)? The game is kinda broken atm. Thanks in advance!

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